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Learn how to create new content or edit site content in accordance with SEO principles

Learning to create content on the site

Hello. Excuse me for not being able to write educational material for you on a regular basis. Sometimes the volume of my work rises so much that I can not be at your service. I want to tell you a few points about the principles of content production. Of course as far as I know.

Generate new content in accordance with the principles of SEO

1. Google is moving in the direction of turning off the lights in a direction that gives less impact to websites that strictly comply with all SEO parameters. This has its own reasons.

In content production, you do not need to have tags, keyword meta tags and descriptions, and so on. Absolutely observe.

Only proper tagging with non-duplicate content will ensure your success.

2. The purpose of writing any text is to get a place in a specific keyword in Google and edit or create your text site according to SEO principles. And avoid writing in parallel. This means that when we have a line of keywords, it is not necessary to produce new content in this regard. You can write content for other keywords or derivatives of the keywords you want to rank low in Google results

Principles of creating content in WordPress

In WordPress, content that is published in the form of text is indexed and rises very quickly. But it mainly has a shelf life of less than 6 months, unless it is regularly updated. Content that you generate for keywords that are actually part of relatively hard keywords and take more than 2 months is better to generate the first page expression in the new tab. But in the writings section, daily and weekly activities are very useful by creating small and news articles.

Learning to edit the content of site pages

Before editing the tabs, first check in Google if the tab in question is on the first or second page of Google? If so, with what keywor.

Check the same keywords after checking.

For example: editing a page with a focal keyword (SEO)

If this page is in the keyword SEO on the first page of Google… but not for sub-categories such as (website SEO, cost of SEO) on the first page of Google .. and for sub-categories such as (SEO, SEO, and 2) It is on the first page of Google.

1. After checking enough in editing the text, consider these points.

Making a total change in content can have catastrophic consequences. Do not change the whole text in any way… and up to 30% of the total text volume in the margin is safe at each editing step.

2. When editing according to the results of the review, create tags for the keywords that are not on the first page and do not change the keywords that are on the first page.

Site content tagging template

Use one of the following two templates to tag content.

  • h1 one
  • h2 Two to 5 items
  • h3 2 items for each tag

The second pattern is content change and site tagging

  • Without using tag 1
  • A tag item 2
  • A few items of tag 3

Rest assured that if you are very interested in learning and with the necessary perseverance, success will definitely be with you.

Decreased site ranking after content change

Do not worry at all about the ups and downs of the site. Pages that change in content will definitely have a multi-rank drop in the first few days after content change. But after a few days, if the changes made by Google are to your liking, you will gradually begin to excel.

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