first-class textual content production
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first-class textual content production

Textual content production services are one of the most important and necessary items for any site and social network, where advertising work is supposed to take place to buy and make a lot of profit. (Completing) To achieve first-class textual content production, you must Consider a lot, so that it can be used in the best possible way and attract many users to the site or page. Since the principles of SEO and advertising marketing, as well as being on the first page of Google without ordering content production, have no value and credibility, so this should be taken seriously and thought about more. In this article, we intend to reach the content required by the user with the principles of textual content production services and learn the conditions for writing this text.

What is textual content?

Textual content refers to all information, including words and phrases, sentences and paragraphs, and so on. Through this information, we convey meaning and purpose to the reader, and thus the connection between the author and the reader is formed.

Textual content is very important, firstly because the text is fully explained in detail and secondly in terms of optimizing and standardizing your content content if it is online and digital in Google.

What is the most important type of textual content?

The most important thing about textual content is the difference between plain text and textual content. Be careful not to confuse the two. The meaning of the text is the words and writings that one can read, if the content of the text is the interpretation and the final meaning and the meaning included in the elements of the text, which is finally obtained. Likewise, not all texts will necessarily have content.

Characteristics of a written content that increases revenue

One of the ways to increase jobs and increase revenue these days is to invest in content production. Content writing is a competitive activity, but it is not easy. According to research, the reader spends an average of only 8 seconds reading a story. So it goes without saying, how important it is to create compelling and valuable content. Written content is one of the essential types of content that is discussed below.

We are not the heroes of the story! We are the guide!

Every time we have to give a problem and a dream to the customer. The story should not be a joke, the story should solve a serious problem. The protagonist (customer) has three levels of conflict: internal, external, philosophical.

People pay for their inner problems, not their outer problems. For example, the motto of the pet supply store is that animals also have the right to eat healthy food.

The external problem of the customer of this store is the supply of food for his pet.

The inner problem is that he feels valued for his animal and that man is concerned. (That’s why he buys!)

And the philosophical problem is helping animals and the environment!

Empathy will not always meet customer needs!

Empathize with the customer and the audience. But empathy is not always good. Suppose you go to the doctor’s office and tell him it’s been 15 years. You want to lose weight but you can’t! He also tells you that I also have the same problem! Of course, you immediately leave his office and you are disappointed with him!

Empathy is good, but it must be accompanied by authority. In consulting a doctor, the client seeks his authority. So along with empathy, we must be powerful!

These three questions in any business must be answered immediately :

  • What do we sell?
  • What problem does our product solve?
  • And what should we do to buy it?

Of course, these questions alone are not enough. We need to be in constant contact with the customer. For example, in a clinic we conduct a survey that asks about the age, height, weight and problems of the client. Then, we email each one according to their needs and we do not leave it!

The end of the story, the guide, stands shoulder to shoulder with the hero, like the final frame of many movies! You have to introduce yourself to the protagonist, give him a plan. With an attractive title, do not let the customer forget. For example, guarantee him that if you do not want the sex, we will take it back from you. In other words, you can say: You did not want mine!

first-class textual content production

What is the order of producing textual content?

Almost all types of content can be customized. One of the most common types is text articles. Articles play an important role in seeing and being read on the Internet. These articles should be written based on the principles of SEO (search engine optimization). These principles have many details that are beyond the scope of a typical writer. Therefore, familiarity of the author of textual content with the principles of SEO is essential in this style of content production.

What are the important points about attracting more audience to textual content?

Choose the right topic and title that the audience will be interested in reading. If your title does not fit, the audience will not follow your content until the end. The choice of title depends on the topic that the content is related to and the audience of that content. You need to point out the key points that the customer and the audience are looking for, and try to convince the audience that this is exactly what they are looking for.

Note that the first sentence is very important to start the content and you have three seconds to attract the audience to read the rest of the content in this sentence. And try to use attractive, interesting and new words and be creative.

Thoroughly research and gather information on the topic of the content, you should increase your knowledge about the topic of the content enough and prove your claim within the content by providing statistics and data.

Do not jump from one branch to another and focus on the main purpose of the content and focus on it and tie the key message and the main purpose when writing the content.

Write in your own unique tone and manner. The content you are writing about is really a sign of your personality and credibility. Also try to consider the characteristics of the audience and the purpose of the content.

If you are writing content digitally, be sure to optimize it. That is, use short paragraphs and sentences. And optimize the way you write content according to SEO standards.

Finally, completely edit the text and rewrite the draft text by fixing the flaws and corrections.

Features of readable text content

Not every written content can attract the audience and it must be observed in many points and subtleties. Here are some of the points:

Be attractive:

This means cutting the hairs. Create content that is clear and concise. Audiences want the most information in the simplest and most digestible way possible.

Use clear structure:

Format your content in short paragraphs. By using key points such as numbered lists and multiple captions, you encourage readers to read the whole article. Studies show that if the right frameworks are used, your audience will enjoy your content more.

Use plain content:

Your audience not only prefers easy content reading, but Google also uses it. If your content looks weird, your audience will have trouble reading it and it may affect the ranking of your page on Google.

Create quality content:

By producing quality content, you will value your readers, solve their problems and give them new insights, thus paving the way for your progress.

Attractive writing content and the best movie!

Think of the best movie you have ever seen. Why did you like it? Was his story interesting to you? Were you interested in its special effects or its beautiful music? Perhaps the best film in your opinion could be a combination of these aspects to make it memorable for you.

Writing the right content is a process similar to choosing the best movie, combining several key aspects to attract readers and perform well in search engines. Attractive written content is tailored to the target audience, is creative, and adheres to SEO tactics.

1. Text content production services: Keywords

To write textual content, the first question that comes to the writer’s mind is what is the content to be written about?

This question is important and is followed by keywords that are supposed to be written many times in the text and we will give complete information about them.

The information that the user needs and should get to the end by reading the descriptions about which you have written the keywords.

Keywords should first be identified according to the type of user wants and then ranked in terms of importance based on SEO and Google score.

In terms of SEO means how many times they are included in the text, how many keywords we have used under the titles in addition to the main title.

How much the keywords match the photo and video that we have placed on the site, and the user can understand the main purpose of the textual content according to his needs while reading the textual content.

2. Text content production services: category of topics

Once the keyword has been selected based on its criteria and rules, we need to move on to the main and sub-categories.

This is how we plan to write content and know what the main topic is and which topics follow the main title.

For example, the site we have chosen and we are going to write textual content about is about medical texts.

We need to examine and categorize the topics. That is, to identify the main diseases of each organ of the body, for example

  • Heart disease
  • Neurological diseases
  • Liver disease
  • Dental diseases
  • Etc…

Then each of the main diseases has sub-branches, or better to say, become more specific. This category can help us to write appropriate, complete and user-friendly textual content in the best possible way.

Another advantage of categorizing topics in textual content production services is that they help to find the right keywords and make it easier for the user to find us, as well as Google and Facebook based on these easy keywords. They index the site.

3. Text content production service: prioritizing products and services

To write textual content, we need some information, but this information is about what or what service the user should have the necessary information about.

To do this, we need to first identify the main product if we are writing about products.

Give it status and credibility so that through the accredited product, the necessary points can be given to the by-products as well.

For example, if we work in the field of women’s clothing and we are going to write a textual content about this field, it is first necessary to include coats, shirts and scarves as the main products.

And select the content along with the user-friendly keywords and then go to accessories, underwear and other by-products and start producing textual content, to get a special place.

4. Text content production services: user recognition

To identify users, we need to look back at our product or service, because knowing who our users are, what age range they need, what their predominant questions are from us, and other questions for writing textual content is crucial. needed. To determine the purpose of the textual content and the user to come to us with a desire to buy.

For example, when selling sports products, you should be careful, which is usually between 10 and 45 years old. Most of the people who buy from you are athletes from different fields.

What sports equipment do you have for sale? It is necessary to categorize each of the sports fields and the required equipment and specify the necessary explanations about it in terms of price, size, type of consumption, etc.

5. Text content production services: clear and unambiguous

You should be careful that the content of the text to be written should be very clear and concise, to meet the needs of the audience and he will remain on your site.

Ambiguity always leads to distance and audience avoidance, because the question it seeks to answer is not answered.

Or if this happens, it will definitely not follow you after all the useless compliments and explanations that the user is bored with.

Therefore, during the production of textual content, it should be read many times and checked in terms of spelling, writing rules, and the clarity of words and necessary explanations.

In such a way that the reader continues to read the text without hesitation and at the same time it is sweet and attractive for him.

Also, having interesting and clear headlines for the audience is very necessary, because these are the headlines that invite users to the site and then encourage them to read the original text.

So it is better for the services of producing textual content around the headlines to issues such as:

  • User needs
  • product type
  • Main product features
  • Type of service
  • Price
  • User age range
  • Etc…

He made sure that the titles had the necessary appeal for each audience and acted well as a hook in catching the audience.

6. Textual content production services: types of content

Textual content varies from place to place. In order to be able to attract a large audience to our site, blog, and social page, we need to identify the type of place we want to know and what are the characteristics of each place and then produce textual content according to these coordinates.

Storytelling is a path to content

We are always involved with the story, we like talkative and memorable people, and it is kind of part of the old patterns of our lives. There are stories, and storytelling is the path of content, and we only show them to the audience. The story is not just a fun thing! Rather, it is possible to work and get results through it.

Content is the bridge between the brand and the customer. All content is translated into words in the mind of the audience and the goal is for the message to sit in the mind of the audience. The message is decrypted with the word and explains why the customer should buy this product. So, it’s the words that sell the product, not the graphics and the video.

Here are some types of textual content templates

  • weblog
  • Social Networks
  • Product writing and advertising
  • site

Gaining customer trust must happen in a short time

You have 5 seconds to gain customer trust! It stays like love at first sight! The audience of my story is like a cat, blindfolded! If I can’t give him what he wants for two minutes, he will let me go! For example, consider the following headline:

“All people are equally happy, but everyone’s misery is like their own misery!” (This headline makes the audience sit at your feet and listen to the story you want to tell them about misery!)

1. Blog

The content of the blog is the content that you visit without establishing a site, and various services, including Blogfa, are also part of this system in Iran.

1. Targeting

To write an article and text content for a blog, you have to use almost the same methods that you have to do in the site section.

First you need to define your purpose for writing, if the purpose is not clear and you do not know what to do at the end of the text and what the result will be for the user, the strategy of producing textual content will be almost useless.

2. Type of user

When your goal is clear; Of course, the type of user and the needs of users are also determined, and you can write your textual content according to what they need.

The needs of the user can be tailored to the same product that you offer or the services that your company offers to others.

So you need to be familiar with your products and purpose to be able to identify and advance the needs of the user.

3. Selecting the title

According to what was generally said in the titles and headings section, the headlines should be chosen in such a way as to persuade the audience to read the text and continue.

This is how you actually do some kind of content marketing with your titles, and if that title is appealing, you are directing them to the original text.

4. Using photos

Since textual content alone is a bit tedious in itself, it is better to paint and glaze the blog page a bit and put it with photos and videos that fit your text, so that the audience is attracted and wants to read. Have the text from beginning to end.

2. Product writing and advertising

In matters such as product writing, care must be taken that the textual content is to be written about products, each of which may have unique characteristics.

And since the audience is not going to buy from us in person, it is the textual content that makes them want to buy.

But what features should this type of textual content have in the product writing section?

User needs: Here user needs are more important than other templates.

This is because he came to the goal of getting to know and buying the product, and in this case, the textual content should be completely relevant and special to the photos and videos you post of your products.

And you can guide him in buying the desired product and he can also make a good and excellent purchase for himself.

For this reason, the textual content should explain in full detail the material, price, and type of application of the product.

So the more he knows the details, the better he can find what he wants on your site and among your descriptions and eventually buy.

In addition, the photos used in this case, ie product writing, should be much brighter and clearer than the photos of other texts.

Even if it is necessary, take all the products with a quality camera and put them inside the site.

This is great for textual content and content acceptance, and can usually have a good effect on user engagement.

3. Social networks

In social networks, the format of textual content is slightly different from other texts, and of course it is a bit difficult.

This is because there are many competitors in cyberspace, and the tastes of the audience and the circumstances that must be accompanied by textual content are very different.

So you have to consider this issue well so that you can provide content according to the tastes and opinions of the audience of cyberspace.

Virtual networks may not require long, long content, but they do not require textual content.

But it has rules and principles that it is better to pay enough attention to, so that users can find what they want and seek in the competitive world that exists in virtual pages.

1. On Instagram

Instagram, which has been highly regarded by people around the world for several years, sells products and services to the whole world in a fraction of a second, but for this purpose, it is necessary to comply with a series of regulations.

Novelty and attractiveness: Textual content should be fresh and attractive. This means that the rest of your competitors have not used these texts and tricks that you have used.

This means that each of your words in the textual content has a purpose in front of you and you have made a specific plan for each word but to attract one of the thoughts of your audience.

This is how the audience will gladly accompany you and your page.

Tip 2: In the case of your pure and new photos, we sometimes come across duplicate photos on different pages.

This topic is not very suitable for users and he does not see you have a suitable transformation and idea.

That’s why it’s good to do it very carefully and choose photos with quality and appropriate text content.

2. Telegram

Telegram is the same as Instagram, it does not require long words and text.

But instead a short, concise, useful and new text answers to attract members.

So it is better to have the necessary search terms on the topic.

Content complexity and audience distance

To write content, the needs of the audience and their characteristics must be considered. Therefore, the content should not be complex and we should get caught up in the complexity! Complexity causes the customer to burn too many calories to better understand our message and not have tips in mind, and because it has not helped their growth, they will no longer use our content.

Quality content and audience engagement

Leading quality content from almost every aspect of marketing. The Internet is a place where multiple businesses compete with each other, and stability and stagnation will put you ahead of the competition and make you obsolete. In leading businesses, engaging writing content is valuable as a way to reach a wider audience.

Success Tips for Writing Attractive Content

Successful content writers have all of the following characteristics. Paying attention to keywords and SEO discussion is important because it generates traffic to Google. But there are more important features in this area, some of which are mentioned below:

Focus on audience-oriented content: Focus on your audience and thereby satisfy them. By creating relevant and useful content that your audience needs as a priority, you will achieve more success, and on the other hand, because Google’s main focus is search engine satisfaction. So, if you cater to your audience, Google will welcome you too.

Attention to competitors: If you have just entered your field of activity. Research successful competitors in your field and pay attention to what they offer. Reviewing competitive content can help you identify your competitor and understand how they have positioned themselves in front of an audience. Once you know your audience, you can answer their questions according to their needs. Healthy cyber relationships rely on communication to survive.

Pay attention to dynamic content: The best online content writers can master a wide range of writing styles. Content projects come in a variety of forms. A successful writer has experience in these areas. Through this expertise, it is possible to help produce quality content so that the audience can achieve the desired goals.

Writing specialized content: If you master your subject and know the details better, eventually your content will be more useful. Expertise in the subject is exactly what Google values, as well as what the audience wants. A successful content creator offers a solution to any problem with every piece he or she writes.

Characteristics of a successful content writer

A successful writer masters different writing styles and can produce any type of content. But regardless of the type of content, it should be valuable. Topics that have a lot of content, writing different text may seem difficult, but keep in mind that duplicate content is not suitable for your site, and in addition to plagiarism, you reduce the value of your content and your company’s reputation.

Also, it does not select random topics. The most important point in choosing a topic is the creative process of finding the topic, which starts with analysis and determines the title and direction of writing. Most ideas are usually presented in a team, but some writers work independently and do it alone.

On the other hand, if you know who your readers are, you can provide them with what they want. You write for your audience, not for yourself, not for your company, not for your brand. Finally, review your content over and over again to get to know your audience better and respond to their concerns as needed. Communicate and be able to surpass your competitors by attracting your audience

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