Content Quality

Content Quality

The production of textual content in alocontent is done as a unique method, so that with the help of this method we can guarantee you the quality of the produced content. In fact, what you need to know about the production of textual content is that alocontent follows several basic factors in its executive program and always plans and produces its textual content based on it. These factors include:

  • Provide unique content and no copy of the text
  • Pay attention to all the principles of incomprehensible writing
  • Editing content by the editing team before delivering content to the client
  • Refund to the customer if even one sentence is a copy
  • Content review in case of customer dissatisfaction with the writing method
  • Content delivery time

A fundamental belief in the alocontent team is to constantly emphasize to ourselves, time is of the essence and we should not allow our customers to suffer because of our negligence. But how does this belief affect our workflow? We have to say that Alocantent has amazing solutions for you in case of delay in content delivery:

  1.  Reimburse 10% of the cost to the customer for each day of delay in content delivery
  2.  Free delivery of content after 4 days delay

Why do we need to produce textual content?

Due to the increasing development of the Internet and the immense growth of technology in the world, our country has also undergone serious changes in the path of e-commerce and Internet businesses, something that not only did not have so many fans before, but could not have the slightest trust. Acquired by users.

Today, with the change in the trend of traditional businesses and the growth of Internet activities, businesses have needed content on their site more than anything else, to the extent that many reputable sites owe their success to the production of their textual content. But why does this happen?

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