The formula for successful content production

The formula for successful content production

Achieving business goals through content marketing has become more difficult, and if you have not yet achieved your goals, you need to make changes to the way you do content marketing. Looking at successful brands in the field of content marketing, it can be seen that they follow a certain formula to produce successful content.

Therefore, one of the main elements that is very important and valuable and you should pay attention to it, is the content formula. In addition, if you want to have a successful content marketing program, it must be said that marketers need to change this element as the industry changes and evolves and adapt to new trends.

When to follow a formula?

Following an old, well-defined formula for successful content production is best when you have weak competitors or a market in which you operate, a new and emerging market. In this case, you can successfully attract the attention of your audience by improving the old formula that does not suspend anyone in the market. The secret to surpassing competitors in content marketing is to improve your content production formula. Your mastery of this formula and its improvement should be so great that you will be seen as the creator of the formula and a strong flow of organic traffic will flow to your website.

When you have strong competitors in the market, it will be difficult to improve and use an old formula. This is where you have to take a risk and try something new. By trying new opportunities, you can find a voice and approach that is unique to you and sets you apart from your competitors in producing successful content. In finding a formula for successful content production, you may conclude that just blogging is enough.

It is not or you need to change your strategy to other different content production channels. Although you risk creating content formulas because you are entering an unknown realm, experience has shown that in the long run this approach is more constructive because you no longer have to compete with marketers who do the same thing to you. It may take some time to come up with a successful formula to produce successful content, but by focusing and building it over time, you get a lot of traffic each month and outperform your competitors.

The elements of a successful formula for producing successful content are :

  • Channel : Where you find your audience and interact.
  • Weight : The amount of quality content you can produce.
  • Perspective : A unique perspective on the subject
  • Tone : The way you convey emotion to people.
  • Implementation : To what extent does this formula meet the expectations and goals you set?

In the following, we will introduce you to a simple three-step formula for content production that is suitable for all types of content production, including:

  • Small projects such as articles and blog posts
  • Large projects such as books and e-books, reports, white papers and videos.

Step 1) Select the numbers

Start by choosing a number! Numbers give you the structure to put a title, select and organize ideas, and successfully complete content production projects. Two important points when choosing numbers:

Small numbers indicate the simplicity and ease of the content

Most of the time, the best content marketing projects are based on relatively small numbers such as 3, 7 or 10. The use of small numbers in the content production formula helps to succeed in content production because it divides a complex process or task into simple steps and makes it easier for the audience to understand.

Large numbers indicate value and content selection

Large numbers like 99 or 101 seem to offer more value to the audience. Of the 101 ideas, for example, it is likely that there are at least one or two different ideas for solving a problem or achieving a goal. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need when it comes to 99 or 101 ideas.

Step 2) Choose a topic

Next, you need to choose the main theme or title for your content marketing project. Topics for producing successful content are very diverse and they include different categories and titles of facts, ideas or suggestions that you can use to define, organize and convey your message.

Interesting and unique topics draw your attention to details instead of generalities. It also helps prepare you for writing. For example, when you write a blog post about the “6 Secrets to Content Marketing Success” and choose the number and topic, you immediately focus on the next step – identifying the 6 key points needed to succeed in content marketing.

So you know what to do. But what kind of topics are most effective? In general, content topics for content marketing fall into several main categories, including positive, negative, and trends. Positive topics describe topics that help your marketer solve problems or succeed, including: habits, resources, shortcuts, tips. Negative topics explain things your market should avoid, such as mistakes, obstacles, and signs. Topics can also include descriptions such as features, characteristics, characteristics, and trends.

Step 3) Add a modifier

Finally, add a descriptor to add uniqueness and feeling to the number and list. Descriptors can affect your content marketing project in a number of ways. Descriptors help you target a specific market segment and list key characteristics in your marketing persona, such as “What are 7 Investment Opportunities for a Free Business?” Second, pursue a specific problem or goal and solve it.

This type of formula is just one of the many formulas you can use to produce successful content. By using such formulas, you can achieve the goals you have set, beat your competitors, and increase the traffic to your site and audience. So why not look for a formula for successful content production today?

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